Application Services

malomatia is a leading provider of various application services using various trusted technologies and solutions. Our teams customize and develop different applications for our clients, no matter the industry or purpose.
ERP – Oracle

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Enterprise IT Integration


  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Custom Application Development

  • E-Services
  • E-Tendering
  • Custom Application Development
  • Business process Management (BPM)

Technology Services
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

malomatia provides ERP solutions including planning, purchasing, payroll, finance, human resources, supply chain, and customer relationship management.
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications help organizations manage their important business functions by putting resources to the best possible use. ERP solutions offer real-time analysis of key performance indicators required to measure performance.

Human Capital Management Solution
malomatia has packaged a customized human capital management tool to meet the business needs of Qatari organizations. Integrating Qatari law requirements with best practice standards, malomatia ERP-based human capital management solution allows clients to develop a roadmap to meet current and future targets.

Core Human Capital Management Package
Establish core HR and payroll management functions that ensure efficient performance.

  • Innovative compensation plans
  • Paperless payroll processing
  • Retroactive processing
  • Monitor your regular payroll cycle, from data entry to fully reconciled results
  • View the complete history of payroll results

Moderate Capital Management Package
Moderate HR package enables professional, timely management of all interactions between
human resources departments and employees.
Elimination of direct interaction between employees and HR through self-service requests
validated by the system without the need to physically check with HR.

  • Leave application with automatic advance payroll payment, notification to prepare exit permits, no objection letter and Hajj leave
  • Return from leave request to adjust the employee’s balances
  • Loan applications
  • Annual and promotion appraisals
  • Qatari employee certificate templates
  • Performance management

Full Capital Management Package

  • Core and moderate package features, plus:
  • Integrated time and attendance systems
  • Overtime calculation integrated with payroll
  • Manage employee training and courses
  • Online recruitment system to automatically match suitable candidates for the desired position

Financial Management
malomatia has Financial Management Solution (FMS) delivers integrated reporting tools that adapt to your business needs. This system improves transparency the organization and strengthens control to enforce compliance with regulatory policies. It also enhances budget preparation using Oracle Hyperion application, which offers streamlines, reports and analysis.

Supply Chain Management
malomatia’s Supply Chain Management solution can transform operational models by aligning
business strategies, optimizing global operations and enhancing capabilities of your supply
chain workforce.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools help to manage the relationship between clients and their current and future customers, aiming to deliver a more rewarding and engaging experience through the use of technology solutions to manage information, automate processes and market products and services to customers on an ongoing basis.
malomatia’s CRM clients benefit from a complete range of solutions covering analysis of current interactions, improving business performance, delivering personalized services, and managing workflow based on these and many more targeted insights.

Enterprise Content Management

malomatia helps its clients develop strategies tools and processes to capture, organize, manage, store and protect information from across the organization. The result is a content management solution that covers the entire lifecycle of an organization’s intellectual content and property. This results in structured intelligence that can help drive business processes, growth ambitions, improve service levels and ensure compliance with internal and external regulations.
Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is an integrated solution, often connected closely with other systems, such as digital assets, unsecured communications such as email, forms, documents, imaging, and detailed record management solutions.

Enterprise IT Integration

Increase business agility and efficiency through innovative service-oriented architecture and advanced systems tailored to meet unique needs.
Each solution is accompanied by a detailed audit to understand needs and tailor solutions to meet those requirements. Clients benefit from malomatia's strong partnerships with global technology leaders and a team of in-house subject matter experts with extensive experience in the public and private sectors, especially supporting government clients.

Custom Application Development

malomatia offers comprehensive application development solutions tailored for electronic services from inception to delivery. These can be suited for a number of sectors and targeted results.

malomatia also verifies the quality and efficiency of applications and underlying infrastructure, leveraging deep industry expertise to identify competencies and provide tailored best-practice-based recommendations.

Key Functionality

  • Requirement gathering and analysis
  • Application architecture and design
  • Application development
  • Application testing
  • Application deployment and transition
  • Phased roll-out and transition

Key Benefits

  • Simplified delivery of services to customers
  • Improved productivity of business/government agencies
  • Improved customer service
  • Unparalleled innovation
  • Improved transparency of business processes
  • Improved interactions with customer

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Managed Services

Drive your IT operations excellence

malomatia′s IT Managed Services offering consists of integrated smart technologies, in-depth
expertise, special delivery approach, and advanced tools and processes.
We enable our clients to implement a unique strategy aimed at helping them address their business
demands and meet new challenges.
malomatia offers a wide range of capabilities in IT managed services across six (6) core domains that
can be tailored to our customers’ budget and business goals:

  • IT Infrastructure Management
  • Security Management
  • Networks Management
  • Service Desk Management
  • Monitoring Management
  • Applications Management

Our holistic approach helps our customers achieve ultimate business benefits including the following:

  • Overcoming day-to-day infrastructure challenges
  • Reducing IT risks
  • Enhancing IT security
  • Predicting monthly costs
  • Enjoying expert level support
  • Boosting IT services availability
  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Enhancing IT services operations and management
  • Enabling business growth

BI, Analytics & Technology

malomatia’s extended expertise in Business Intelligence, Analytics & Technology Services (BAT) has allowed our company to deliver major innovative national projects in Qatar. We understand the importance of data analysis and we encompass analytics on a comprehensive platform, to improve the
decision-making process and performance.

Our portal and mobility solutions are creative, simple, easy to use and accessible. Through malomatia’s work, our clients meet their business objectives and win global awards and recognition.

The technology we offer and infrastructure team are assuring projects’ success and high customer
satisfaction. We build well-structured and carefully engineered solutions that are built to perform.

Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics

  • BI & Analytics
  • Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

Technology Services

  • Technology Consulting
  • ITSM
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Cloud Services

Portal, Mobility & User Experience

  • Portals Management
  • Mobile App Development
  • User Experience

Subject Matter Expertise
malomatia offers in-house subject matter expertise that caters to all BI and Analytics & technology needs. A highly skilled team provides solutions from strategy to solution development and production support and maintenance.

Subject Matter expertise, coupled with partnership with leading Business Intelligence solution vendors,
allows malomatia to cater to a wide spectrum of industries.

Some of the specialist services offered by malomatia include BI & Analytics Strategy development, Data Warehousing and Technology Architecture solutions, Mobile Analytics and Enterprise Performance
Management to meet overall organizational BI objectives. The offering includes:

  • BI and Analytics Strategy Development
  • DW/BI Governance (Data Warehousing / Business Intelligence)
  • DW/BI Architecture
  • Mobile BI / Analytics
  • Big Data
  • Solution Development
  • Audit
  • Data Governance
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)


malomatia follows a tested implementation methodology with measurable outcomes that allow business users to access insights through a wide variety of BI artifacts like Reports, Metrics, Dashboards, KPI’s,
Predictive Data Analysis and Social Media Analytics.

Our approach considers the full life cycle of a BI Project:

Understanding Needs

Constructive discussions with different business stakeholders to understand their needs and challenges, which form the foundation for ultimate product delivery, eventually catering to the requirements and expectations of the business.

BI Architecture Design

The correlation between data and business to integrate all data islands in the organization into a single integrated data warehouse, which represents accurate truths about the organization.

Solution Development

Once policies are set and the architecture framed, malomatia delivers the end-to-end DW/BI solution, with integration testing to the finest detail.

Governance and Audit

Enabling the solution to scale according to the set principles of data governance and facilitating
continuous data audits for accuracy and integrity checks.

Project Management

Project life cycle activities are managed by expert project managers who ensure activities, timelines and
the overall project plan are adhered to.

Maintenance and Support

Post-implementation support and maintenance by qualified professionals.

Enterprise Performance Management

An EPM driven BI approach is critical in building an effective information management system with the
ability to generate key insights from business data. This enables the adoption of an integrated approach
to measure and manage the performance of an organization.

Technology Services
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Digitization & eRecord Management Services

Stay close to your Information

Managing the endless stream of physical documents has been a huge challenge for
many organizations, and as data grows, it has become increasingly difficult to store
documents safely and at the same time be able to retrieve them in a timely manner.
Tech giants, all across the world, joined this process of moving data into a secure, easily
manageable and virtual space.
Document digitization allows easy and controlled access of information, while providing
the required security and confidentiality standards. It can also allow access to multiple
approved parties at the same time, making the document management easier and more
Since 2008, malomatia has been providing document digitization solutions to a wealth
of government entities and corporate organizations throughout Qatar, including
malomatia’s eRecord management solution that enables businesses to:

  • Capture and archive all physical documents
  • Get a quick and efficient document retrieval
  • Improve employee efficiency
  • Increase productivity
  • Enhance data security
  • Remove process holdups
  • Eliminate data capture errors
  • Create Audit Trails
  • Employ data driven decision making

Information Security Services

malomatia leverages its local expertise and international partnerships to deliver Security
Services that enable private sector organizations, government entities, financial services firms,
and defense sector clients to augment their risk management and combat growing risks in
connected digital environments including inward and outward facing systems.
Threat environments are constantly changing, while financial- and reputation-motivated,
targeted attacks are increasing globally. Security processes and technologies need to keep up
with these changes.
malomatia delivers advanced systems and protocols to protect your revenue, productivity and
brand reputation, while also being able to monitor and assess threats within a well-planned,
reactive and anticipatory technology framework.

  • Application and Infrastructure Security
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Managed Security Services

Technology Services
Application and Infrastructure Security

malomatia helps manage both compliance and core business performance factors when delivering
comprehensive security for enterprise applications and the underlying infrastructure. This enables
systemic strength, while ensuring greater aversion and risk management opportunities, leveraging
packaged or bespoke application solutions.

Identity & Access Management

Identity and access management services ensure users are authorized to gain easy and secure access to
the resources they need, while ensuring the integrity of data and intellectual property. A robust system will
ensure flexibility and scalability, while achieving compliance goals, whether the solution is customized for
the public or private sector, cloud computing, or a hybrid information management system.

Managed Security Services

Managed security services include cyber security for information platforms, DDoS services, highly secure
firewalls and security event monitoring to ward against current and future threats, as well as a range of
tailored solutions to meet the needs of governments, as well as private and public sector enterprises.

Our focus is to provide innovative technology, effective monitoring, and risk management services,
designed to support government initiatives and the enterprise community as a whole, to ensure that
Qatar's intellectual property and information rights are protected.
malomatia’s vision of cybercrime risk management vision is based on allocating its international expertise
to foster innovation and future planning, with the purpose of protecting the interests of the public and
private parties in charge in a global digital environment characterized by constant change most of the

What can malomatia offer you?

  • Monitoring and evaluating threats
  • Understanding your security infrastructure
  • Protecting your assets from intruders on the network
  • Managing your approach of network monitoring
  • Effective risk management and control
  • Keeping pace with the changes in data field and its accessibility
  • Benefiting from the spread of global security operations centers
  • Utilizing international expertise and its in-depth knowledge across various sectors
  • Integrating individuals and procedures and technology to protect your network

E- Learning services

malomatia offers a turnkey solution that is designed from the ground up to meet an organization’s e-
Learning needs that seamlessly integrates with existing training and human resources systems.
malomatia offers deep-rooted expertise with globally and locally experienced subject matter experts who
have helped build many national e-learning IT projects. In recent years, malomatia has worked closely
with the Ministry of Transport and Communications (formerly known as ictQATAR) to provide
implementation support for the Qatar National e-Learning Portal which has introduced e-Learning to over
60 organizations in Qatar.
From large organizations to small ones, malomatia is able to tailor e-Learning technology solutions to
meet varying scopes of training needs and budgets. These include tailored e-Learning packages that
match specific organizational goals.
malomatia’s Corporate e-Learning solutions cover five categories:

  • Learning management Systems/Talent management Systems
  • Off the Shelf e-Learning Packages
  • Custom Content Creation
  • Adoption Services and Consulting

Some of malomatia most requested eLearning bundles are:

  • Management Essentials
  • Project Management
  • New Hires
  • Leadership Bundle
  • Information Security
  • Arabic Language-Best Seller

Technology Services
Learning and Talent Management Systems

malomatia implements, optimizes and customizes Saba’s Learning Management Suite to drive higher
adoption and better learning effectiveness with a highly relevant, personalized, learner-centric user

Off the Shelf e-Learning Packages

malomatia has strategic partnerships with a range of leading content providers to deliver e-Learning
solutions that meets clients' needs and ambitions. These strategic partnerships cover many world-leading
content providers and offer a wide range of packages on a state-of-the-art platform.

Custom Content Creation

Custom Content Creation includes designing, planning and creating bespoke e-Learning training courses in
Arabic and English. Solutions include:

  • Customized e-Learning curriculums
  • 3D virtual interactive labs
  • 3D game-based learning
  • Skills building campaigns

Adoption Services and Consulting

Over the years, malomatia has worked closely with clients to establish strong relationships and help them
through each critical stage of planning, deployment, marketing and managing the success of their e-
Learning programs.

malomatia’s e-Learning packages come with value-added services as standard to ensure strong implementation and the highest level of return on investment.

The following consultation services are offered:

  • Content Alignment
  • Adoption Planning and Implementation
  • Change Management
  • Internal Marketing to Drive Utilization
  • Measurement Planning
  • Customer Engagement and Best Practices
  • Program Reviews to meet Best Practice standards

All e-Learning solutions are designed to ensure successful implementation and uptake of any e-Learning

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Looking for Call Center Services?

malomatia is a leading provider of various application services using various trusted technologies and solutions.

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