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July 17, 2019

Ooredoo & malomatia Ink Strategic Partnership towards Smarts Cities for a Leading Country

Doha, Qatar

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed last week between, Ooredoo the region’s leading enabler of digital business innovation and malomatia, the leading national provider of IT services and solutions, to pave the way for enabling smart cities projects in Qatar, by the collaborative efforts of information technologies and digital innovation.

Through smart transportation, smart logistics, healthcare, and environmental sustainability, smart cities create a substantial transformation experienced by both the residents and visitors of Qatar while promoting sustained economic growth, a key goal of Qatar national vision 2030.

Since its inception, malomatia has been a leading provider of technology services and solutions in Qatar, providing its expertise and practices, and initiating pioneer digital projects, such as call centers, technical support, and digitalization and archiving.

The signed MoU represents a strategic partnership guiding the establishment of smart cities in Qatar, by combining Ooreedo’s outstanding record of unique and diverse experience for 60 years, including pioneering smart cities in Qatar with Losail city and piloting the world’s first 5 G enabled aerial taxi.

Mr.Yousuf Abdulla Al-Kubaisi, Chief Operating Officer, Ooredoo, Qatar, said: “Our partnership with malomatia is combining Ooredoo’s leading digital infrastructure technology, with Malomatia’s expertise in Smart Cities to support Qatar as a Smart Cities pioneer. Smart transportation, smart logistics, healthcare, and sustainability can support Qatar’s diversified economic growth and competitiveness, and enrich people’s digital life”.

In the same context, Mr. Yousef Abdelrahman Al-Naama, Managing Director, malomatia, demonstrated in signing ceremony “By joining forces with Ooredoo, we are sharing our talent and digital expertise for Qatar to develop localized Smart Cities solutions. By Qatar modernizing systems and processes, and operating smarter, Smart Cities can transform digital business and end-to-end citizen experiences”. In addition of his stressed, as we are a pioneer local IT services and solutions provider around Qatar, and by taking advantage of our in-depth knowledge and experience about the local market needs, we strongly committed towards localized and consolidate the culture of sustainable local service to reflect the richness of Qatar’s local market, by delivering and enabling the most updated international digital transformation programs& solutions to our local partners.

Ooredoo & malomatia Ink Strategic Partnership towards Smarts Cities for a Leading Country

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