At malomatia, we strive to make a real difference for our customers, employees, and community, through adopting a set of policies and practices that work on achieving the following objectives:

Customer Centricity

Our customers have always been our number one priority and the center of our attention. As we have a deep understanding of our customers’ business challenges and needs, we deliver innovative, cost-effective IT solutions that enable government and business entities to excel in their fields.

We are also driven by Qatar’s National Vision 2030 that seeks to create a knowledge-based economy, and thus, we focus on delivering unique IT solutions and services for government entities, healthcare facilities and education institutions.

Since we attract global talent, we are also able to customize world-class IT solutions to meet the local market’s requirements.

Moreover, we are committed to deliver our cutting-edge solutions and services, in a way that enables customers to get full control of their privacy with easy-to-use tools, which adhere to strict security measures that protect their data.

At malomatia, we have our customers’ best interests at heart, and we tend to see the world through their own eyes.

Employee Empowerment

Employees are the heart of our organization, as we believe in their power to drive change. At malomatia, our diverse employees are encouraged to share their ideas freely and participate in the decision-making process, as we believe that everyone should get heard.

On the other hand, our leadership continuously inspires and motivates malomatia employees, in order to boast their passion for what they do and to bring out the best in them, which in turn helps in achieving our organizational goals.

malomatia employees also enjoy diversified training and learning opportunities that enable them to learn new skills that go in line with the latest technological trends and help them excel in what they do.

Moreover, they thrive in our professional working environment, where good work is recognized and rewarded, and competitive salaries are offered.

Community Development

At malomatia, we are passionate about supporting our community, through a diversified range of IT initiatives and charity activities.

We strive to create cutting-edge accessibility solutions that serve various persons with disabilities, which goes in line with our belief that technology should be used to empower all people and enhance their personal and professional capabilities.

malomatia has also played a key role in undertaking various charity initiatives that were of a great benefit to the community in Qatar.

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malomatia is a leading provider of various application services using various trusted technologies and solutions.

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