Transforming into e-Government

  • From Bureaucratic to Citizen Centric
  • From Fragmented to Integrated
  • From Intuition to Informed Decision Making

With a strong understanding of local market needs and extensive subject matter expertise, malomatia is a partner to government and public establishments seeking to utilize advanced information technology and analytical intelligence to serve citizens and businesses and collaborate with other government entities more effectively.

malomatia provides innovative IT solutions to its government clients across multiple channels with the aim of supporting government objectives and strategies to enable greater access, functionality and efficiency in terms of processes and results, as well as managing resource utilization to effectively cater to growing populations in a digital world.

This comprehensive service aligns various IT initiatives, trains staff on migration to new systems and designs customized solutions.

malomatia’s government services and solutions focus on:

  • Improving government IT services and applications
  • Implementing and maintaining government IT initiatives

The suite of offerings includes:

  • Digital Government, Business and Citizen Services
  • Government Transformation
  • Government Performance Management Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Customs Services and Solutions

Business Industry Services
Digital Government, Business and Citizen Services

Making stakeholder-centric government services available across multiple digital channels to enable simplicity, clarify, ease of use and round-the-clock availability. These services are customized to suit the needs of government clients, public and private sector entities, as well as a range of end-user or citizen-centric solutions.

Government Transformation

Complete end-to-end planning, development, implementation and transformation/ change management support for government agencies seeking to establish stronger responsive relationships with stakeholders through a holistic e-government strategy.

Government Performance Management Services

Effective protocols and systems to enable the effective monitoring and assessment of all government service processes with tangible results and reporting channels to continue improving standards across all departments and affiliated agencies or entities.

Consulting Services

Led by subject matter experts with extensive local and international experience, malomatia's services help create greater organizational efficiency and deliver stronger results that tie in to the overall vision, mission and objectives of the corresponding entity. This is led by effective IT strategies that maintain a long- term integrated technology roadmap at the highest standards.

Customs Services and Solutions

malomatia works closely with the General Authority of Customs to deliver a full range of IT services to continuously monitor and improve customs services offered to stakeholders in Qatar.

The Qatar Customs Clearance Single Window (QCCSW) performs as a one-stop integrated service to facilitate secure international trade in Qatar. It enables electronic information interchange between various stakeholders in  he business community including traders, shipping/clearance agents or other Qatari government agencies.

This includes automated approval of customs declarations, routing to consenting government agencies and applying advanced risk management procedures for moving cargo across national borders.

  • Service delivery and management for the Qatar Customs Clearance Single Window application and its IT infrastructure.
  • End user functional support for the Qatar Customs Clearance Single Window application for target audiences of the application.
  • Customer service oriented approach when supporting stakeholders of Qatar Customs Clearance Single Window.

malomatia enables healthcare centers to transform their capabilities through delivery of excellent IT services managed according to world-class standards.

With the required expertise and experience to implement and support complex healthcare systems through our Healthcare industry framework, and supported by a team of subject matter experts with global experience, we offer a comprehensive set of Healthcare services. malomatia’s dedicated healthcare practice covers an entire gamut of healthcare management services.

We have resident domain experts in all the areas listed below whose expertise can be leveraged by hospital and primary care providers.

By drawing upon our experiences, we offer extensive and proven IT solutions for healthcare that include:

  • Clinical/Medical Advisory
  • Medical Informatics Consultancy
  • IT Healthcare Integration to improve performance and efficiency

Our e-Health services and solutions focus on the following:

  • Quality of delivery
  • Transforming patient care
  • Medical and clinical management

Business Industry Services
Clinical/Medical Advisory

A highly skilled and experienced team of primary healthcare providers including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and scientists, provide services across the four service lines.

Our consultants have extensive hands on international experience as primary healthcare service providers,  program implementation managers, and information management experts.

Our consultants’ capabilities cover the following key areas as part of an overall strategy for adoption of new technology within a clinical/medical operation:

  • Clinical Transformation Capability: Determines how patient journey and related clinical processes can be positively enhanced or transformed by the use of clinical information services.
  • Clinical Implementation Capability: Introduces new clinical information system and manages the resultant impact upon clinicians.
  • Clinical Informatics Capability: Addresses how data is generated from new clinical information systems to drive clinical quality improvement and patient safety.
  • Change Management Capability: Manages the business discipline related to handling change across people, process and technology. This is an ongoing requirement in large and complex environments.

Medical Informatics Consultancy

Medical Informatics is a specialty that integrates clinical service, computer science, and information science to  manage and communicate data, information, knowledge, and wisdom in clinical practice.

malomatia provides medical informatics consultancy to its existing clients in Qatar. As part of this service,  malomatia consultants determine the needs of clinical staff with respect to IT use in Hospital services, conducts workshops, Training, conferences, and seminars to maximize the efficiency of information use and computer technology in clinical practice.

We help clinical staff use Informatics for successful IT use in clinical practice. malomatia collaborates across all clinical disciplines at client sites to help advance the informatics competency skills and enable staff to integrate established technologies into clinical practice.

  • Enhance continuity of care
  • Improve relationships between providers and recipients of health care
  • Support for their mission to deliver high quality, evidence-based care
  • Support for better service by facilitating true interdisciplinary care
  • Enable cost savings and productivity goal

IT Healthcare Integration to Improve Performance and Efficiency

Medical Devices malomatia has considerable capabilities in Clinical Device Management for the Integration of Medical Devices and systems across the areas to the HIS (Hospital Information System) enabling automation of Information Communication system.

We understand the need for a broad range of Medical Devices and systems to be interconnected through a set of parameters to apply/ monitor values need to be recorded in the Medical records. The conventional Method to record this to chart manually in paper has its limitations.

Some of the devices need instruction to be operated. Device Management ensure the Devices communicate with the EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and the Information Communication System is automated. Below are some of the areas our device integration capability that covers:

  • Anesthesia
  • Critical care
  • Pharmacy
  • OB/Gyn
  • Dialysis
  • Patient Monitoring
  • Laboratory

Diagnostic Imaging

malomatia’ extensive Imaging Informatics practice is a subspecialty of Healthcare Informatics that aims to improve the efficiency, accuracy, usability and reliability of medical imaging services within the healthcare enterprise.

malomatia’s team of eight Imaging professionals have diverse clinical, information technology and business backgrounds. This experience, gained internationally in world leading vendor, consultancy and healthcare provider environments, as well as here in Qatar enables malomatia to offer a broad range of products and services to address the full spectrum of Imaging Informatics business requirements of our local clients.

  • RFP development and procurement support for RIS, CVIS PACS VNA
  • Make your department more efficient – optimize workflow
  • Deployment of clinical decision-support systems
  • Align technical strategy with department and enterprise needs
  • Implementation, upgrades, replacements, or first-time installations of RIS, PACS VNA systems
  • Optimize technology workflow

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malomatia takes pride in being the sole operator of Qatar Custom Single Window. Our unique solutions team consult, integrate, run and support all end-to-end operations and components within the customs service, whether it’s an office or a network of offices.

We offer consultancy services, modular applications and full solutions end to end.

Whatever the technology, we provide a complete turnkey solution with technical flexibility based on the client’s needs.

This customs management experience has helped us become subject matter experts, both regionally and globally.

  • Customs & Trade Solutions
  • Customs’ IT & Operations Management

Business Industry Services
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malomatia offers solutions that can support the massive development needed by the transportation industry in the state and the region.

Our offerings cover the entire spectrum of design, building, operating and managing these bespoke solutions for our clients, led by subject matter experts with global expertise and supported by strategic technology partners with extensive experience in the global transportation arena.

  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Transport Management Systems
  • Rail Control Solutions

Business Industry Services

Looking for Application Services?

malomatia is a leading provider of various application services using various trusted technologies and solutions.

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