Abdulla Al Kubasi
Director of Human Resources

Director of Human Resources

Al Kubaisi’s extensive expertise in the government, media and energy sectors from his previous roles within companies such as Meeza Technology and Services, Ras Girtas Qatar, and Qatar Radio and Television Corporation, allow him to identify key and critical resources to generate a framework of competency and pro-active talent development leading to the creation and enhancement of an overall collaborative corporate culture within malomatia.

As the Director of Human Resources of the award winning IT company since January 2018, Al-Kubaisi has been relentlessly utilizing his 15 years of experience to position malomatia as a preferred employer in the ICT industry sectors in Qatar and the region. He’s been supporting the company’s growth by implementing key processes for the HR function within the company.

His dedication and insights into team management have been vital in leading the HR team to new heights as a business partner to the team leaders in malomatia as well as appointing focal points to cater to their recruitment needs.

In addition to that, he has been overseeing the automation of transactions to improve efficiency and to create a system dependent as opposed to people dependent processes that allow for a more efficient and cost effective function that relies on a combination of talented people and state of the art support systems to ensure HR capital success .

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