July 4, 2010

malomatia to issue its first e-Health whitepaper soon

Leading Qatari IT Services Provider, malomatia, will soon be issuing its first whitepaper on ‘Integrated Healthcare Systems: Unique Patient Identifiers’. This is the first of the series of technical support material currently being developed by malomatia’s highly specialized e-Health Team, focusing on the importance of Unique Patient Identifiers (UPI), and how it can transform patient care in Qatar and the Middle East Region.

A comprehensive study, essentially tailored for growing healthcare organizations and professionals, the whitepaper gives access to latest industry knowledge on UPIs that can enhance the quality of patient care and provide more options to patients being treated by multiple caregivers, by enabling them to access information from varied locations.

Describing UPI as a “key component” of an advanced integrated healthcare IT infrastructure, Stephen Smith, Director, e-Health, malomatia, explained, “UPIs are assuming a more and more critical role in modern healthcare delivery systems, supported by highly specialized Information Technology. Consequently, many advanced healthcare delivery systems are undergoing an important phase, expanding across multiple organizations. Wherein, UPIs are enabling organizations in their day to day operations for optimized delivery of patient care, administrative functions, support services, record maintenance, information management, follow-ups, and preventive care.”

Listing several benefits for healthcare organizations, he finally concluded, “UPI is indeed critical whether you are embarking on a new healthcare integrated enterprise wide delivery solution or just reviewing the performance of an existing healthcare solution…While overall benefits of optimising UPI's in healthcare are many, ultimately enhancing patient safety and care will not only save precious lives, but also build the essential trust needed for the advancement of Healthcare Information Technology ”.