June 6, 2010

malomatia’s partner, Mach7 Technologies announces to provide optimised CT and MR Study Segmenting Software

malomatia’s partner, Mach Technologies1 (M7T) ®, a global provider of flexible Picture Archiving Communications System, PACS-neutral healthcare image management solutions, recently announced in a press release (M7T PR) that it has developed a state-of-the-art technologist workstation application, the Keystone Study Split Utility2 (SSU), in close collaboration with  Massachusetts General Hospital located in Boston Massachusetts USA.

The Keystone SSU © enables  radiology technologists to improve workflow and enhance technologist productivity by reducing the time required for technologists to accurately split multi-region CT and MR scans (i.e. Chest-Abdomen-Pelvis) into anatomic regions that match the original orders from Radiology Information Systems (RIS). In addition, the SSU software dramatically reduces the the time required for the newly split studies to be sent to the PACS while also keeping the technologist informed of the transmission status of the newly split studies.

Congratulating M7T, Stephen Smith, Director, e-Health, malomatia, said: “this is an exciting and innovative world class development demonstrating how with vision and technological expertise, companies like Mach7 can lead in the provision of efficient IT solutions that simplify complex medical imaging workflows.” “We are looking forward to introducing this new cost effective technology to our clients to empower them to solve sophisticated medical image integration challenges by themselves through a robust solution designed to manage their enterprise image record,” added Aiman Haidar, Manager, Sales, malomatia.

Leading Qatari IT Services Provider, malomatia, had last year, tied up with M7T as a strategic partner to implement new pioneering IT technology products in the State of Qatar, and the Middle East Region.

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